Pallet Stretch Shrink Wrap

Pallet wrap is one of the most often used items to keep pallet loads stable. Stretch wrap is essential for businesses to ensure loads are secure when being transported on public roadways and around enterprises, including while being moved in and out of warehouse storage, to reduce the possibility of full loads or products breaking loose and falling.


Hand pallet wrap is intended to be applied manually or, more recently, with the help of a variety of clever hand pallet wrap dispensers. Hand film is commonly employed in small to medium-sized businesses when the number of pallets wrapped each day is modest or if pallets are covered in several locations. When utilising this strategy, it is critical to pick the proper pallet wrap to ensure the safety of the loads and avoid accidents.

Hand Film

Hand stretch film is also available with a variety of cores, making it suited for a variety of applications:

• The flush core is perfect for use with dispensers since the cardboard core is shorter on either side, allowing the dispenser to be fixed in place.

• An extended core is excellent for dispensing pallet wrap by hand since it extends out on each side of the film, allowing the user to grab it.

• The coreless film is excellent for more environmentally aware clients because there is no cardboard core in the centre, resulting in less waste. 

Machine Film

Machine stretch film is intended for use with pallet wrap machines. They are made of high-performance, high-yield material, and it is one of the most optimal and secure techniques to stabilise pallets when used with an engine.

Difference Between Cast and Blown Pallet Film

One of the critical distinctions between cast and the blown film is how they are developed and manufactured, which influences their usage and pricing.


• Blown film is made by melting polymer through a screw and blowing bubble metres into the air to cool it down.

 •High-quality blown film has a higher holding power, which means it will not stretch after being applied, locking the weight in place.

• The blown production technique provides increased puncture resistance, making it excellent for loads with sharper edges.

• Unless utilising Kites' proprietary machine film, blown has a high 2-sided cling.

• Not as straightforward as cast, which might make reading and scanning more difficult.

• Excessive noise while releasing from the roll


• Cast film is made by rapidly cooling molten polymer layers in layered layers.

• If there's a lot of Metallocene in the mix, the cast will stretch a lot, which might cause shifting if the film isn't set on the pallet appropriately.

• Naturally sticky on one side, allowing the wrap to remain firmly packed without adhering to the next pallet

• Extremely clear, doing reading and scanning a breeze.

• Maintain silence when releasing from the roll.

Poly Postal Bags is a significant provider of pallet wrap, stretch film, and stretch wrap in the UK. Stretch wrap is a quick and inexpensive solution that adds stability to pallets and boxes while in transportation and protects things from moisture, dust, and theft.

Our stretch wrap is sticky on one side, so it adheres to itself and comes in clear, black, and blue. Machine stretch wrap, hand stretch wrap, small stretch wrap, and spiral wrap are examples of this type of wrap. Hand stretch wrap comes in extended and flush cores and is utilised for low volume applications, whilst machine stretch wrap is used for more significant volume applications.

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